Guel Family Reunion


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Making the best of the 43rd Family Reunion…

Sun 7/31 at 11 am PST: Online Family Reunion Meetup

Bring your tacos, a cold one, and click here to log on at that time on Zoom!

Meeting ID: 821 1186 7025

What to Expect:
  • 11am    Start signing on
  • 11:15    Introduction, music, bring your own tacos, talk about the future of the Guel family reunion
  • 11:30    Education ceremony begins: video presentation, graduation medallions ceremony, scholarship awards presentation
  • 11:50    2022 family reunion photo
  • 12:00   Open announcements: say a few words of family news about births or marriages, in memorium of those we’ve recently lost, or other chisme 

Drive-by Pickup for Reserved School Supplies

Thurs 7/28 5:00 – 7:00 pm PST


Need your fix of Luis Guel’s traditional tacos this summer?  The annual pickup for reunion tacos has been postponed this year, but please do try your own family recipe and bring your own tacos to the online meetup instead!  Post your photos using the hashtag #GuelFamily


Funds raised by the family every year help us purchase school supplies and backpacks for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Click here to RSVP for your kids’ backpacks for the 2022-23 school year and pick them up on Thursday 7/28 from 5pm-7pm at 1067 Summerwood Court, San Jose, CA  95132. For more info, contact Cecilia Mason.

5 Important Zoom Meetup FAQs

  • Q1: Do participants need a Zoom account to join?

    A: No. Just click the link when at the scheduled meetup time. Anyone can join a meeting using the free Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac. This means we can hold meetups without people having to create an account. If you are on a desktop computer, it may ask you to quickly download the application, but it’s easy, fast, and free.


  • Q2: Can I use Zoom on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet?

    A: Yes. There are official free apps available for iOS and Android that make the experience more enjoyable, but they are not required to participate (a web browser on a desktop or mobile device also works). Once you’re in, click the prompt to “call using internet audio” and the icon that says “start video” so we can see your beautiful smile!


  • Q3: Can I screenshot or take pics of the screen during parts of the meetup?

    A: Absolutely! Fun, fun, fun!


  • Q4: How can I get the best audio/sound experience?

    A: Whenever possible, mute your microphone. We also recommend wearing headphones to eliminate feedback issues. If your speakers are too loud, we will all hear an echo and that sucks.


  • Q5: My screen keeps toggling between people and I can’t see everyone in the meetup 😕

    A: Click the screen once to make your icons appear on your screen and change your screen from individual speaker view to a grid view to see everyone at once. If there are many of us at once, you may swipe right to see more people on the call, depending on your device.