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Welcome to our online family meeting place for the family and descendants of Pablo and Carmen Guel. We hope you’ll take the time to poke around and enjoy:


  • Info on the Carmen C. Guel Education Fund
  • Chisme and updates from your Familia
  • An invitation to our annual summertime family reunion
  • Memories and stories, passed down from generation to generation
  • Family tree and time-line projects

Staying Connected

The Guel family has touched not only their home neighborhoods, but all of Silicon Valley through their continued service, dedication, and commitment to the community

Silicon Valley

This website was initially developed to keep the descendants of Pablo & Carmen Guel in touch with each other, but over time, it has helped us reconnect with family from all over.


As the Guel family continues to grow, migrate, and reconnect online, we are reminded of just how powerful the internet can be as a tool to bring us together over and over again, generation after generation.

San Jose

FOUND! Original marriage license for Great Grandpa Pablo and Great Grandma Carmen Guel! Link in bio for the full story of why she lied about her age on this historical document and why it says they're both from Nebraska (ehemm... we from Mexico, no?!). Check it out! #guelfamily ...

Join us at the 43rd annual family reunion on Sunday 7/31 at 11am ...

Nobody puts down a game of Lotería like our fam! #guelfamily ...

Animated photo of grandma Carmen Corrales de Guel ...

REMINDER: your grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you. #guelfamily #staysafe ...

Feliz navidad mi familia! ...

I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams! #guelfamily ...

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Exciting News

History, Traditions
Affidavit for Pablo Guel
This original 1947 document was found recently in the family files at Elvia Lares’ home. Assuming the document was generated any day before August 25, 1947, Luis Guel ...
Gloria’s Tamales
This recipe has been passed down through five generations of women from Don~a Anita to Don~a Esther to Gloria (Joe Guel’s beautiful wife) to her children and ...